Saturday, February 28, 2015

Catch the Panagbenga 2015 via LIVESTREAM this Weekend!

Oh how I love Baguio City. I will live there someday. Visited Baguio City couple of weeks ago and I still wish I’ll wake up smelling the breeze of the city of pines (and drink coffee and eat strawberries and sagada oranges, etc.). Oh how I love Baguio!!!

Catch the PANAGBENGA's 20th year as the country's leading telco, SMART, and the Cordillera's only daily newspaper, SunStar Baguio, come together once again to give you the live streaming of the grand streetdance and float parades.
No cuts. No annoying commentaries.
Just the fun and colorful revelry, from start to finish.
February 28 and March 1 beginning at 7am.
From anywhere in the city, in the country, and in the world,
the PANAGBENGA is right at your fingertips.

Monday, July 28, 2014


I did a lot of firsts the past few days. The kind of "firsts" that is extraordinary and I will treasure in this lifetime. All for the books! Petrifying but enlivening at the same time.
·  I tried surfing (that involves the sea and the waves. Ha.). I failed once on my first attempt to stand on the longboard but I was able to stand many times after that fall. Walked out from that experience uttering the word STOKED.
·  I visited the BENCAB museum in Benguet Mountain Province. Very inspiring place, cried inside (joy and excitement) while staring at the artworks.
·  I made lots of graphics (I managed the contents ONLY before) for our weeklong anniversary event at the office (presented to our bosses and partner companies). The event was very successful. So, I'm saying HELLO now to graphic designing!
It’s really empowering knowing that YOU CAN DO what you believed you COULD NOT. Learning something new, going to some place new and experiencing all things NEW are always, always, always INTIMIDATING (at first) but FULFILLING afterwards.
(some photos I shared in SOCMED the past weeks - @rizalenio on instagram. I'm active here too -

...and to all my friends who greeted me on my birthday this month, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I was in the middle of a noisy crowded mall seeing everyone blurry when I got an email from a former Journalism college classmate (he’s now a writer/director) telling me that he wants me to provide photo and graphics for the poster of his movie. I was screaming and jumping in my head reading his words through my mobile phone (I didn’t know he looks at my photos online and in social media). I was shouting from the rooftop too with a choir singing hallelujah in the background (still in my head).  I walked in the middle of a jam-packed mall grinning from ear to ear at everyone (they’re not blurry anymore). The smile on my face I guess lasted the whole day. Oh the joy of reading good news (it gives you superpower).

In other news, life in the corporate world gets busier (the reason of my MIA in the blogging world. I miss this and visiting your blog sites too), but you have to go with the flow and do the best you can to continue and stay sane…and LIVE MORE (always...ironic as it may sound but try...).

Sharing some of the photos I shared in SOCMED (I'm active here; instagram - @rizalenio and tumblr -

Stay safe in all your travels, my dear friends! Happy weekend! Summer is in full swing on this part of the world. Go on a beach trip...QUICK!