Thursday, December 31, 2015



"I am Ricky from Switzerland." - he ended his introduction with a big smile shaking our freezing hands. Ricky was wood carving on the table outside of the hotel where he's checked in. It was a good day. The sun was bright and the shadows of tall trees were dancing on us. Summer but cold. Very cold.  

Ricky (who's used to cold weather)left Switzerland (his work and family) few months ago to travel the world. He went to Australia and countries in Asia and unfortunately, was confined in a hospital for two weeks because of dengue that he got from of one the countries in Asia. He fought for his life during that two weeks. I felt his fear of going back to that country.

We were exchanging stories of our discoveries around Auckland City while his carving tools were spread on the table. He touched those every now and then while talking to us. He's been to many parts of (not just Auckland but) New Zealand. He showed us two of his unfinished works. "Awesome works!" - I commented "Wood carving is my passion." - he said shyly and proudly. 


"I will marry aviation, bro!" - screamed Suresh (my flatmate) while holding a can of New Zealand Lager. His 18th cans of beer for tonight. He was celebrating. A friend from India will be joining him on his work at the Auckland Airport.

He graduated with a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India and worked for four years in Air India. He decided to study again in Auckland and set his eyes of working at the Auckland Airport. He's an aircraft loading service agent there now. He does double shifts without complaining. His confidence tells me that he'll be promoted as a supervisor soon. 

"You know, bro, aviation is my passion. I will not exchange this for a sack of gold!" - he added with so much pride.


Their stories are not different from mine. We decided to try our luck here in this beautiful wonderful New Zealand. I know it's sad (to be away from your loved ones), risky (like the case of Ricky) and very taxing with a high cost and sacrifice but...we (passionates....dreamers and lifelong learners too) will all get there eventually (Suresh is celebrating until now).

PASSION trumps all else.

Posting some of my photos here in Auckland, New Zealand. I'll be here for a year (to study what I'm passionate about). 
(all photos were taken using my canon digicam)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunset Sky Watching

I feel that it’s always good for the soul watching the day begins and the day ends. 

Quite time. 

Peace of mind.

Filmed the sunset sky few days ago. No filter. No color enhancement. Creative world we live in!